Alex Stewart’s She​-​Devil Sing​-​A​-​Long Songbook

by Alex Stewart

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released October 25, 2013



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Alex Stewart St. Louis, Missouri

Always growing

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Track Name: Hey There, Carin
I'll never forget when I first saw you
Dancing in the square
I turned to my friends, said,
“Who's that girl?
I'm gonna marry her. I swear!”
They said, “Oh, well, that's Carin,
But she's way out of your league.”
I said, “There ain't no such thing.
Just watch me boys!
You just gotta believe!”
I tapped you on the shoulder,
But you never turned around,
And you walked off with some other guy
The hero of the town

So I'm singing, “Hey there, Carin!
Would you care to know
I've been loving you from far away
Because I'm afraid the answer's 'No.'”

When I saw you at the Drive-In,
You looked fine,
But when I saw you dancing
At the Ho-down, girl,
Yeah, you nearly blew my mind
With your polka-dot dress
And your fancy shoes
Ribbons in your hair
My friends barely stopped me
Before I got on my knees
And proposed to you right there
I know yours, but you don't know mine,
So, “Hi! My name is Al!
Will you make me the happiest man alive
By dancing with me now?”

Now, you've been saying “No” to me
All night long,
But you're gonna change your mind
When you see my moves
Because this is my favorite song

There's a waltz on the
Overhead radio now,
And I'm your best bet
Because no one else knows how,
So dance with me, Carin!
Dance with me, please!
I'm your only choice
I've got right AND left feet
Track Name: To Do:
I've never been to the arcade,
But I've played my fair share of games
I used to get fucked up
Every single night
For the kicks
Too young to grow up
Too old to be a kid
My Mama told me, “Son, don't you think
It's about time that you change?”
I said, “Maybe you're right, and I will,
But not today.”

Now, I'm cruising around the city with you
I've got no cash and my rent is due,
But I've got a bottle and a bag,
So I'm going until my stash is through
You might say I'm going nowhere,
But I've got a lot of shit to do

I've got a lot of shit to do,
So I'm gonna do it with you
Track Name: No Casey's In Chicago
I grew up in a small town near Pekin
Where going to the Wal*mart
Was how you killed time
You might be there for a Snickers,
Or a cheap pair of knickers,
But some good friends is all you required
That's where I met
This young flower named Annie
I was home wherever we'd meet
Until she ran off to St. Louie
With a fella who looked like Chewie,
And she forgot me like one of your tweets,
So I went to Chi-Town to forget them
That's where I saw you
In your stripes and denim
You took me out to some shows
To see some bands I didn't know,
And you told me
I could join in your scene,
But I had to decline
I'd go out of my mind
I'm certain, and here's why:

Because there ain't no Casey's in Chicago,
So why the hell would I go out there?
They're wearing shiny shoes
And suit coats
And I've got horse feed in my hair
I could never get my Casey's Taco Pizza
No, I could never call the city home
My long lost lover lives in Litchfield,
So that's where I'll be calling home

You were lovely. I cannot deny,
But the smog clogged up both of your eyes
You said you were learning to be a lover,
But you still got sick if your other
Was in the same room while you cried,
So I went to my booth at the tavern
Where I could laugh with everyone there
Until, one night, I was spotted
She always got what she wanted
Her hair was red, Y’all
She fixed me whiskey in bed,
So I can't go with you
No, I've got better things to do
Your city can fall in the swamp

My darling dear dwells in Decatur,
So that's where I'll be crawling home
Track Name: Passionless Kiss
Hey, have you got a funny joke for this?
You always knew a way out
Just run away and shrug it off,
But leave the TV on
Are you sleeping on the couch?
Have you even left the house?

I thought you were
Better than this
I thought you'd escape
Your self made catalyst
You took no shot,
So you didn't miss
What can I do
With your passionless kiss?

Your life is hard
Get in line
Is it really better when you whine?
You had a reason
A reason to smile
You said, “Don't let me push you away.”
I said, “Don't act like a child.”
Track Name: Me + Cat & Guitar
It's Winter here in Illinois
The sun is a recluse
I've been up early lately
Like we've got ourselves a truce
Walking down the street,
And everyone's walking in twos
Except for me, and maybe you

It's just me and my cat
And my guitar
Doing what we can
To ward away this lonely heart
It's just me and my cat
And my guitar
And we're all sitting here alone
Wondering where you are

It's winter here in Illinois,
And I'm all by myself
Drinking from a bottle
I found on the bottom shelf
Just the other day
I learned a song by Mr. Green
“So Tired of Being Alone”
Hey man, I know just what you mean

I know being alone
It ain't so bad
I know being alone
It ain't so bad

Not when it's me and my cat
And my guitar
Doing a good job
Warding away this lonely heart
It's just me and my cat
And my guitar,
And we don't need you, darling
Without you we're going far
We're going far
Track Name: The Shiner
I'll write you a letter, and send it your way, and in that letter I'll ask you to stay, and ask you, “My darling! Baby, why did you leave?,” but I know, my darling, you left because of me.
I'm sorry – so sorry. You know how I am, but do you still love me more than your new man? You don't have to answer if you're not saying “Yes” because I just can't handle the truth unless you're taking me back again, and telling me, “Boy,” that, “I really love you, and I miss Illinois.”
I'm sitting alone now, and drinking my gin. I'm bobbing my head, now, and sinking in. I'm shitty and smelly with holes in my clothes, and when I'm not drinking I'm filling my nose.
My chances are gone, now, of you ever coming back. You need me, my love, now, like a heart attack. I'm no good for no one. I can barely get by, and, now, I'm so lonely I think I could die. I kicked down the chair, but the rope wasn't tied. Suicide's just like anything, and I can't do it right. I put my head in the stove, but the bill wasn't paid, so I just fell asleep – woke up with lines on my face.
I think I'll go down to Vegas for that Fear that I Loathe – Oh wait – I don't even have a car, so, I guess I'll just try my luck on the boat...(East Peoria Paradice)
Track Name: You're Too Good
I'm like a kid in a candy store
Like a kid in a candy store
I'm like a kid in a candy store,
But I got no change!

Because you're too good to be true
Aren't you?
You're too good to be true
I wish you'd let me know
You're too good to be true
Aren't you?
If I had any sense,
I'd walk away from you

I'm like a bird by the windowsill
Like a bird by the windowsill
I'm like a bird by the windowsill
Stuck in a cage!

I'm going out of my senses
So sick and tired of all these fences
I just want what I want
I wanna have it too
Because what good's a piece of cake
When it's stuck on that goddamned plate?
Track Name: Man Eating Woman
Is it alright to feel angry
Though she did nothing wrong?
I was the one mistreating her all along
I don't care if it's right or not
I know what I see
She's a man-eating
Soul-crushing woman to me

She is a beauty
That's how it begins
She looked in my eyes,
And she showed me her skin,
And she'd take me home,
And treat me like a king, saying,
“Baby, tonight, you can do anything.”
Sometimes, she'd fix me up dinner real fine
No real occasion,
But she'd buy bubbly wine
Then, she'd kiss my ear, and tell me
I'm her only one,
But I know what she's at
She's just having her fun.

Because she's a man-eating
Soul-crushing woman to me
I know she's lying
When she's nice as can be,
And when she tells me the sweetest things,
It just makes me bluer
Because I know the truth
Yes sir! I see right through her

I met her parents,
And they were the best
I kept them laughing,
And they kept me fed
Which is why I can't trust them
Because my jokes are all dirty,
And her Dad never cut in
When her Mom was being flirty,
So I don't know what her game is,
But they're in it together
Which is why I gotta leave now, man,
Light as a feather
If I see her again I'll say,
“You never loved me.
You were just looking down.
You were always above me.”
Track Name: No Time
I've got no time for loving
No time for you
Got no time for devotion
Or being true
Since you want one,
Here's my promise
I'll tear you apart
It takes no time
To break a girl's heart

I've got no time for loving,
And neither do you
You're so young
If you found it,
What did you think you would do?
Put your clothes on
Fix your make-up
Start acting your age
That only gets you
What it gets you today

I've got no time for loving
No time for this song
I think I've said what I needed,
And I've been singing too long
Track Name: A Round for My Friends
Pour another round
Let's forget our names
I wanna fall down
I want a a good reason
To say I'm ashamed,
So pour another glass
Let's put our arms around each other
Let's sing a song we all know
Let's celebrate being in the bottom class
By sleeping through the weekend days
A fog of smoke
A malted barley haze
Let's say the things we always meant to say
Petting so heavy that it
Broke the scale with all of it's weight

Let's make tonight
The night you never talk about
You only dream about
And laugh about all day

Pour another shot
We're getting somewhere,
But we're not quite there
There's no one fighting
In the parking lot
Let's see some dancing
And some fucked up greasy hair

Let's make tonight
The night you never talk about
You only dream about
And laugh about all day

I feel alive because of you
I feel alive because of you